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The REC will not undertake detailed review of the arrangements for collecting samples and obtaining consent in the exporting country. There is no need to provide copies of the informed consent documentation used. However, you should provide sufficient information to assure the REC that the collection of samples complies with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements in the exporting country, including appropriate ethical review. If samples will be obtained from more than one tissue bank or collection, please give details of each source. Indicate whether the analyses described in question 9 could have prognostic, predictive or other significance for individual donors/subjects or their relatives.

However, it is best practice to seek consent prospectively for use in research where possible. Consent for use in research may be added to the established consent procedure for routine diagnosis or surgical treatment. Where tissue is removed primarily for research purposes, informed consent is always required to remove, store and use the tissue.

Summarise the key choices you have made in formulating the research questions and methodology. You may also find it helpful to involve them in completing this question.

Change Bank ICO CAG review

For purposes of ethical review the REC would find it helpful to know whether or not consent has been given previously and for what purposes. Say whether the consent was project-specific or “broad” consent for storage and use in future research. Existing holdings Under the Human Tissue Act 2004, where tissue was collected and stored prior to 1 September 2006 there is no legal requirement for consent to store or use the samples in research. However, the Human Tissue Authority”s Code of Practice on Consent states that “this does not mean that all such human tissue can be used freely and without regard to issues of consent or other ethical considerations” .

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Change Bank ICO CAG review

Nor is it permitted to submit substantial amendments to approved projects in order to use tissue for another project with a different set of research questions. Ethical approval for storage of the samples would therefore be confined to the specific project described in this application form and the protocol. Applicants may seek approval for a project to be undertaken in several stages provided that these are clearly defined in the protocol and relate to the same set of research questions. Describe the arrangements for preserving the condition of the samples and for ensuring security and confidentiality of the samples and any linked data. Say who will be responsible for these arrangements and who will have access to the samples.

Medicinal trialsIt is important to distinguish medicinal trials from other studies. For CTIMPs, the guidance from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry is that there should be a gap of 4 months between trials. The investigator should also consider whether there are reasons for extending this period.

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The assessment should include consideration of doses as part of the treatment planning process or the verification process . It is therefore important for the lead MPE to take account of potential variations in dose arising from differences both in examination protocols and in what constitutes normal practice among participating UK sites, using DRLs where appropriate. This will ensure that the main REC is fully appraised of the potential additional radiation burden to participants and how it may vary from centre to centre. The lead MPE may wish to consult colleagues at other sites that will be taking part in the study. Please indicate whether this will be a single site or multi-site trial in the UK.

Highlight the types of analysis you anticipate may raise ethical questions and how you will deal with such issues. Indicate the nature of the research data that will be generated by these methods. Under the Human Tissue Act 2004, “appropriate consent” is required to store or use tissue obtained from the deceased after 1 September 2006, Change Bank ICO CAG review unless the person died more than 100 years ago. Appropriate consent should be sought if not already been obtained for use in future research. In the case of consent to analyse DNA or use the results of the analysis for research purposes, the consent of any person in the list above is enough – the list is unranked in this case.

  • In the Reference Data Organisation Search box please first select ‘yes’ to question “Is this a primary care research site?
  • In the Reference Data Organisation Search box please first select ‘no’ to question “Is this a primary care research site?
  • You will need to click the ‘Organisation Search’ button to enter information about the host organisation.
  • Going with the flow is extremely important, so review our Market Analysis with this CAG Report.
  • ” and then use the search function to locate the appropriate host organisation.
  • Select the ‘copy data’ link in the right hand column to enter the reference data into Part C.

It can include inventions, industrial processes, software, data, written work, designs and images. The guidance also applies to studies conducted in patient volunteers without the target disease to provide additional pharmacokinetic data about the medicine under research.

This will be especially helpful where the main REC is in another UK country. The main REC may seek its own advice from local RECs for the research sites if necessary. If they are to be included, you should explain what measures will be taken to provide necessary translation of written information and interpretation. In a multi-site Change Bank ICO CAG review study, the CI is responsible for ensuring that Principal Investigators and collaborators will make the necessary arrangements at each research site. There are strong arguments in terms of cost and consistency for translation of the documents to be commissioned centrally and then made available to each site as necessary.

Briefly describe the arrangements for collecting the samples, mentioning any involvement of collaborators. Where samples will be collected in a number of centres, indicate the type of health care professional who will be involved. You may cross-refer to information already Change Bank ICO CAG review provided in Part A of the form. In Scotland, the licensing requirement does not apply and continued storage of samples by researchers after the end of the project may be lawful. However, for purposes of ethical review the same policy applies as in the rest of the UK.

However, as pathology staff also directly support the care provided to patients they would also be included within the boundaries of the healthcare care team. Social Workers are not usually part of the healthcare team and disclosures of confidential information to social services staff should be undertaken with explicit patient consent, at least initially, in order to provide a basis for further disclosures based on implied consent. Normally only a member of the patient”s direct healthcare team should have access to patient records without explicit consent in order to identify potential participants, check whether they meet the inclusion criteria or make the initial approach to patients.

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Ethical approval for specific projects is given for the duration of the project only. Continued storage for prospective research should be under appropriate controlled conditions as part of a managed tissue bank. The researcher may continue to store the tissue without a Licence under the original REC approval only where this is essential as a record of the completed research project, for example to verify research data. Storage for this purpose without a Licence should continue for no longer than necessary. The researcher may set up a new RTB and apply for a storage Licence from the HTA.

If you worked with one or more patients, carers, service users or members of the public you can ask them to help you complete these questions in your application. In responding to this question, you should use the free text box to provide information about the patients, carers, service users or members of the public who have Change Bank ICO CAG review been involved designing the study and in what ways. Include the numbers involved and what they did when, as well as what experience they brought to the study and why that is relevant. Also include information about what the people you involved will do to help with the conduct, management and/or dissemination of the study.

For example, incidence of a rare disease in a woman aged 85 in a known postcode region might be identifiable to anyone with knowledge of the community or access to census data. The role may be undertaken by a suitably qualified registered health professional at a private hospital or independent sector treatment centre. A summary of the animal experiments and the bio-distribution data obtained. Where the study involves changes in therapeutic dose or volume delivered, the lead Clinical Radiation Expert will advise on the expected therapeutic outcome compared to standard protocols. The lead MPE can also provide relevant patient dosimetry advice and predictions of radiobiological effectiveness of all additional exposures associated with a patient treatment which does not follow standard protocols, even if the therapy dose itself does not change.

Option 4 – Not applicable as informed consent will not be sought from any participantsIn some cases, the issues around loss of capacity will not arise at all because it is not proposed to seek informed consent from any participants in the study. Option 3 – Participant remains in the research studyUnder this option, the participant would remain in the research study and may undergo further interventions and procedures, including collection of new samples and personal Change Bank ICO CAG review data, as required by the protocol. The researcher may then continue to rely on such consent following loss of capacity. You should tick the most appropriate option in A35 and give brief details of the action that would be taken, particularly in relation to tissue samples or data already collected. It is therefore necessary for researchers to consider what steps they would take in the event of a participant losing capacity to consent during the project.

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Where consent for use in research is not in place, samples must be obtained without information from which donors could be identified by the research team. If consent has not been obtained for use in research, consider whether it would be ethically appropriate and feasible to re-contact donors. Where consent has been obtained for use in research, please enclose a copy of the information sheet and consent form used .

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You might also want to ask about any logic involved in any automated decisions made about you or get confirmation that your data is being processed and request access. This right of access means you can ask to review and verify the lawfulness of the processing of your personal data. For example, you might want to make a subject access request if you’re not convinced the company is processing your data lawfully, or to understand what an organisation knows about you. The technical summary data is suggesting a short of CAG as it gets near 37.85 with a downside target of 34.88.

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