Florida Lt. Governor Resigns Amid Allegations of $300 Million Web Cafe Scam

Florida Lt. Governor Resigns Amid Allegations of $300 Million Web Cafe Scam

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll is merely one greater than 50 people that have been questioned in a massive internet cafe scam investigation amid allegations that the general public relations company of which she is co-owner did PR for Allied Veterans, which apparently fronted for the scam. Although not herself charged with any wrongdoing in the scandal that is unfolding Carroll stepped down from her post immediately, stating that although her PR firm had been also perhaps not alleged to have been involved, she didn’t want her ties to Allied to be always a distraction to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s management.

Lawyer was Mastermind

Still a developing story, it would appear that 49-year-old Jacksonville attorney Kelly Mathis had been the mastermind behind an enormous gambling ring that used Allied Veterans being a front to skim $300 million from Internet cafes in 23 Florida counties, too as six states.

Allied Veterans of the World, a nonprofit organization produced to help veterans plus in operation since 1979, may be the target of the investigation. The group operated 49 Internet cafes in Florida between 2007 and 2012, and the ones cafes introduced some $300 million in revenues. Nearly all that money should have gone to help veterans in V.A. hospitals and clinics with their rehabilitation, but in fact, only $6 million associated with total take, a simple 2 percent, finished up being reported as charitable donations during that time.

Benefiting from the balance, according to allegations, were Mathis and three others, one of whom, Jerry Bass, 62, is A national Commander of Allied Veterans himself. Chase Burns, 37, owner of Overseas online Technologies (IIT), is accused of using his know-how that is technical to the cafes while skimming for himself and his partners. Authorities say IIT took in $68 million through the different gambling centers that were being operated under Allied Veterans.

The fourth member of this group, Johnny Duncan, 62, normally a professional scammer; in 1987 he had been charged with creating a fake charity to sponsor bingo games, a ruse that caused it to be possible for him not to pay any taxes from his revenues regarding the game. Within two years, the scam had grown into South Carolina’s largest bingo system. Duncan was sentenced to six months’ probation and was then forbidden to operate bingo games in Florida. But you can’t keep a hustler that is good.

All owned by Allied Veterans, have now been shut down, and some 300 bank accounts with $64.7 million have been confiscated at least 49 of these Internet cafes. Florida police says more arrests will be forthcoming, as political contributions produced by Allied, and other gambling centers circuitously operated by the charity, come to light.

MGM Stock Gets Boost as Kerkorian Eyes More Shares

Gaming news is just like a dizzying ping pong match these days: one day it is all doom and gloom (Atlantic City’s revenue slump) and the next its butterflies and roses (Genting building on the old Echelon site). Get prepared to whip your visit the left just as before; 95-yr-old Kirk Kerkorian’s private investment arm, L.A.-based Tracinda Corp., is looking into bumping its MGM Resorts International shares from 18.6 % up to 25 percent. The news truly has given MGM stock a shot in the arm; its stock price closed at $13.25 in the New York Stock Exchange after the increase that is rumored and closed up .84 cents a share (6.77 percent) with nearly five times the volume that is normal trades.

A Certain Possibly

The hubbub was created when Tracinda claimed in a recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing that it could make the increase that is aforementioned shares.

‘It is perhaps not definite that additional shares would be purchased,’ said RBC Capital Markets gaming analyst John Kempf, talking to investors recently. ‘ However, in our view, there would be no need to make this filing unless there was interest in[the ongoing company] increasing its position.’

Turning It Around

Ironically, it had been only just more than a ago that Tracinda let go of 20 million shares of MGM Resorts stock for $268 million, and a year before that, Kerkorian himself said that Tracinda might divest itself of its MGM shares altogether year.

Presently, Tracinda holds near to 91.2 million shares in MGM Resorts International, which operates ten premier Strip casino hotels, including the MGM Grand, Bellagio and The Mirage. Tracinda also includes a 50 percent stake in the CityCenter development on the Strip. It additionally is majority owner regarding the MGM Grand Macau and it has a second property going up in the Cotai Strip region there.

MGM Says ‘No Comment’

Decreasing to comment on the chance of the Tracinda purchase, MGM is experiencing somewhat giddy with their expansion plans these days. In addition to looking at new properties in Massachusetts, Maryland and Toronto, MGM Resorts expects a dividend re payment of $255 million for the 51 percent stake in MGM China, which is being publicly traded on the Hong Kong Exchange.

MGM Resorts Chairman Jim Murren has said the business might consider selling one even or higher of its nevada properties, and others too, should the numbers seem sensible.

‘We stay positive on MGM, as we continue to believe the business has several levers, particularly through its capital structure, to drive further increases in its stock price,’ said analyst Kempf.

NFL Player Quinton Carter Charged with Swindling Casino

NFL player and Denver Broncos safety Quinton Carter faces up to 18 years in prison after being arrested week that is last allegedly cheating at a Nevada casino. He’s been faced with 3 counts of committing an act that is fraudulent a gaming establishment, all of which posesses possible prison sentence of one to six years, and fine of up to $10,000.

It’s alleged that while playing $5 craps at the Texas facility casino in Las Vegas, Carter added chips to their bets on three split occasions after the dice was indeed rolled. Safety officials assert they’ve video evidence showing Carter committing the act that is fraudulent while Carter maintains their innocence and denied any wrongdoing to authorities upon their arrival.

The 24-year-old Carter was a fourth-round draft choose of the Denver Broncos last year making his debut within the NFL using the Broncos that same season, starting ten games. He missed nearly all of the 2012 season by having a knee injury however, which he could be nevertheless within the process of rehabilitating.

It is perhaps not the first time Carter has found himself in big trouble with the law. Last year he pled guilty to a misdemeanor marijuana charge and agreed to counseling, which he subsequently failed to perform. He now faces a warrant cost for failure to complete counseling as a result.

Carter circulated a statement a days that are few his arrest in Las Vegas in which he said:

‘i am fully confident that when the known facts turn out, I will be cleared. I am really sorry for the negative attention this has brought the Broncos, our fans and the league. I’m fully concentrated on getting 100 % healthy and making a positive impact on the Broncos this year.’

Carter also posted on Twitter: ‘Truly sorry for any negative attention this has brought to the Broncos, our fans and the league’.

The Broncos organization is looking into the problem, and Carter may face additional disciplinary action from the group. It is unknown whether the NFL is also looking at it.


Crown Casino Ripoff Takes $32 Million

Activities at the Crown Casino in Melbourne have actually resulted in the casino that is famous cheated out of $32 million, the absolute most anybody has ever was able to cheat from the casino since its establishment 19 years back.

Little is well known about the quantity involved in the cheat so far, but reports say that a high roller and one or more accomplices managed to hack their method into the Crown Casino’s video surveillance system.

Rumours declare that the high-rolling gambler was fed information from those who’d tapped into the surveillance system, which he used to cheat the system for the inside knowledge of how to bet via a wireless transmission sent straight to him at the dining table informing him which cards to play.

Almost no is said in regards to the guy accountable, aside from the fact that members of this staff at the Crown Casino said that the foreign player was courteous and personable, giving no reason to suspect the person of foul play.

It happens to be stated that the cheating was exposed over ‘eight fingers of cards played in a short area of time’. However, it is yet to emerged whether the full $32 million was won during these eight hands or whether it had been just these particular eight hands which received the scheme to the light of the surveillance team. Possibly the cheaters just got too greedy during these arms?

The Crown Casino is yet to shed much light regarding the events, but has said that the surveillance department at the venue ‘recently reported concerns over a sophisticated betting scam’. They added that the investigation, by using the local authorities as well as the Victorian video gaming regulators, is ongoing, yet police state that the casino is yet to help make a formal complaint.

So far, a member associated with the Crown Casino staff who liaisoned with VIP gamblers and high rollers was removed from the staff, and a VIP gambler from overseas was hastily evicted from his comped room at the Crown Towers.

A representative also claimed that the Crown Casino is in the position where it believes a significant portion of the $32 million will be recovered after the sophisticated scam.

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